Pull Up Marketing Material


Size: 110 x 225mm
Locked in slide with fold down panel
George Patterson Bates / Avis


Size: 114 x 228mm
Locked in slide with 2 fold out panels
Curtis Jones & Brown / Pfizer Australia

Hewlett Packard

Size: 125 x 170mm
Publicis Mojo / Hewlett Packard


Size: 130 x 214mm
4 fold out panels (2 sided)
Blue Star Print Group / JWT / Vodafone


Size: 105 x 105mm
Contains: 1. Rivetless disc calculator, 2. Locked in, fold out card in pocket, 3. Two sided locked in slide card.
Print Partners / Ogilvy Healthworld / Baxter

Gavin Wolf – Paper Engineer Australia

Gavin Wolf is one of Australia’s most experienced paper engineers. He specialises in all paper engineering techniques and products including wheels, dials, pop up cards, pull outs and much more.

For all enquiries call (02) 9999 2384, send an email or complete our online enquiry form.

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